Temporary trip and fuel permits

Click on the Trip & Fuel icon to fill out our Trip and Fuel application. For more information, refer to the details below or call 800-361-5757. Thank you !  

Temporary trip and fuel permits

Permits Canada offers temporary trip and fuel permits for all Canadian provinces and the continental United States. Our service is fast and our team is very experienced with over 30 years in the business.

Temporary trip and fuel permits are issued when you want to travel in a province or state and you do not have annual IFTA or IRP permits. They are called “single trip and fuel permits” and are issued by the respective governing agencies. If for any particular reason you have either IFTA or IRP permits, you can order a trip or fuel permit separately.

Vehicles that are registered (RGVW) for over 11 000 kg (24000 lbs) or have 3 or more axles are required to obtain a temporary trip and fuel permit. Prices for temporary trip and fuel permits vary depending on the mileage you do in each province, gross vehicle weight, type of configuration, loaded or not loaded, etc.  

Turnaround time to obtain a temporary trip and fuel permit vary depending on where you want to go but usually can be issued the same day. To do so, simply fill out the trip and fuel application from Permits Canada (you can find on this page) and return it to us at the following address: permits@permitscanada.com.

Also, Permits Canada is not responsible for issuing IFTA and IRP (they are issued by the local DMV and provincial finance authorities). Our services include temporary trip and fuel permits, oversize and overweight permits, fuel tax reporting and permanent registration (NIR, NEQ, CVOR, DOT, UCR, HUT and more).