We offer a wide variety of services for your trucking business. If this is relatively new to you, we offer the following answers to your most frequently asked questions.

General questions

Do I need a temporary trip and/or fuel permit?

If you answer yes to one of the three following questions, you will need a trip & fuel permit:
– Is your total weight (truck + trailer + load) more than 11 797 kg (26 000lbs)?
– Is your truck registered (RGVW) for more than 11 797 kg (26 000lbs)?
– Does your truck/tractor have more than 2 axles?

Do I need to pay the fuel tax if I am not getting any gas in the province I am travelling to?

Yes, temporary fuel tax replaces the IFTA sticker on your truck. This tax is a highway use tax and not a tax on the fuel you purchase. Provincial and state government put it in place so that truckers can pay for the mileage they do in each province/state.

How long is my permit valid for?

Permits are good for a single trip meaning that if you cross into one province into the other and come back to your home province that permit is not valid anymore. For example, if you are based into Ontario, you deliver a good in Quebec and come back to Ontario, the permit you were issued is no longer valid. On the other hand, permits do have a validity period to complete your single trip and it can range from 48h to 10 days depending on which province/state the permit was issued in.

I am travelling empty; do I need a permit?

For some provinces you do (QC, BC, NS, ON, NB, NL), for some provinces you will have to pay the fuel tax only (MB) and for other provinces you don’t (SK). You can still contact us to make sure your trip is not delayed, or you don’t get into any trouble with law enforcement.

I just a bought a truck but it does not have a plate, can I get a permit to get it back to my home province?

If you buy a truck and are just bringing it back home, you will need to contact the DOT office where you bought the truck to get what is called an in-transit permit. These are used to get a truck back to where it can be officially registered, repaired, etc. For an unladen trailer only, we can help you get some type of permit to travel legally.


How much does it cost to get a permit?

Our fees are 35$ per permit you order (or less depending on the volume of permits ordered) + the cost of the permit charged by the province/state that is issuing it. Because the price you pay for different state/provinces varies, we will try our best to estimate exactly how much the trip will cost so please contact our office and one of our agents will try to help you to get a quote.

Can I buy a permit for a year?

With oversize permits, you will be able to do so for almost the provinces (and some states). Unfortunately, for trip and/or fuel permits you will have to register with IFTA and IRP to get annual pricing as temporary permits do not extend more than 10 days in time.

Oversize and Overweight travel

What are the legal dimensions to travel?

8 feet 6 inches wide x 13 feet 6 inches high (ground to highest point) x 75 feet long (bumper to end of the load or end of the trailer)

Do I need to apply for overweight permits?

It depends where you travel, and with which type of configuration. In most U.S. states, 80000lbs is the maximum legal gross weight (states also impose max legal axle group weight). In Canada, maximum gross weight is mostly determined by your configuration (axle grouping + spacing). Contact us for more information.

Can I travel at night and on the weekends?

When we issue your permits there is a list of travel restrictions that will come with it. It depends on the size and weight of your load and will be determined by the permit office that issues the permit. We can also assist with some questions about pilot cars if you need to, but this will also depend on the size of your load on a province/state basis.