About Us

A little bit of history

In 1978, a lawyer from Quebec City persuaded the Quebec Ministry of Transportation to install a fax machine in its permit issuing department. Permits Canada was born.

At that time, Permits Canada was an affiliate of Transceiver East. The network was divided amongst different owners who each had a portion of the United States as its territory. Permits Canada had a territory composed of the Eastern States and of Quebec, Ontario, and the Maritime provinces.

After a few years, Permits Canada expanded its services to include the issuance of temporary permits (trip & fuel and oversize/overweight) for all the Canadian Provinces and continental U.S. states. It also included different other services related to the trucking industry like permanent registration and travel authorities.

Over the years, Permits Canada has been able to develop and maintain an unmatched level of customer service. Its current team is composed of experienced permit agents who have the most up to date tools to make your experience of getting permits for your trip the fastest and most reliable in the industry.

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