IFTA Reporting

Permits Canada has many years of experience in the field of fuel tax reporting for commercial vehicle owners and operators. We use the latest in computer software to compile your driver’s trip sheets and to keep abreast of all changes in fuel tax legislation.

Our service provides you with not only the compilation of the trip sheets but a careful examination of your driver’s reports to ensures that:

  • All fuel receipts are entered in your fuel tax calculations for maximum credits
  • You are advised of missing fuel receipts
  • All mileage reported are examined for their accuracy
  • Verification of the authenticity of your driver’s fuel tax receipts
  • You are notified of any discrepancies either in mileage or in fuel receipts
  • We analyse your fleets fuel purchases and mileage to provide you with means to save money either by avoiding a jurisdiction or by purchasing fuel in specific jurisdictions.

 Permits Canada can also provide you with the following services:

  • An explanation on the different procedures and requirements for fuel tax reporting
  • On location instructions to heavy vehicle drivers on the best way to complete their trip reports
  • Reports on each quarter providing your enterprise with:
    • Fuel purchases per jurisdiction and date;
    • Fuel and heavy highway use taxes and credits per date and jurisdiction
    • Summaries of your fuel taxes and highway use taxes
    • Fleet and vehicle fuel efficiency per jurisdiction and date
    • Fleet and vehicle mileage reports per jurisdiction
    • And many more

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