The youth in trucking

The youth in trucking

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“Trucking HR Canada is calling on all employers and employees in the Canadian trucking industry to have their say and complete its youth in trucking survey”

The main goal of this survey is to get better ways to attract, recruit and keep young workers in the trucking industry.

Trucking HR Canada mention that the participation will help to resolve the issues and concentrate their efforts.

With all the information collected on the survey, Trucking HR Canada should be able to plan a complete national development strategy for young people in the industry.

Within the survey there are three main themes: attraction, engagement, and challenges.

The online survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete, is completely anonymous, and is open to anyone with an opinion on this subject matter, including; managers, HR personnel, drivers, etc.

There are actually two types of surveys, one for the employer and another one for the employee.

Direct link to the employer survey:

Direct link to the employee survey: